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Refer to your Welcome Kit letter; it includes your logon and URL for accessing your email archives.

Using the URL and logon supplied with your Welcome Kit letter, logon to MessageWatcher and select the “Search” page.  On this page, you can select the date ranges, sender, recipient, or message contents to find your message.  Note that entering more criteria will result in a more defined return on your search results.

You must request a logon from the primary or technical contact at your company.  Only the primary and technical contacts at your company can authorize a new logon.  Your primary or technical contact can contact MessageWatcher support for assistance.

Please contact us for this optional service.  Messages can be imported into the MessageWatcher archive using many standard formats (Outlook PST files or EML files). This is a fee-based service.

Logon to the MessageWatcher application and select the “Users” menu item.  Select the “Add User” link in the top right corner of the screen.  Next, enter the employee’s full name and primary email address.  (You can add more aliases later by editing the account.)  Select the user permission “Standard Account” for archive and review. Enter a username and password and click “Forward” and “Apply” to finish creating the user.

You can edit the user to add additional email aliases. (All aliases need to be added if you need to archive them.)  Verify that the user account is set to “Active” and “Archive” enabled.

Note: all of the email that is routed through MessageWatcher is archived, regardless of whether a user account is created or not.  The purpose of creating a user account within MessageWatcher is to enable the administrator to give permissions to the user and to pull user-based reports.

Emails cannot be deleted from the archive; however, you can set the user account to “Inactive” status by editing the user account.  Select the “Users” icon from the menu bar and select the user account.  Next, set the radio button for “Is Active” to “No” and click “Save”.

For compliance reasons, you cannot delete any item within the archive system.  However, you can set the user account to “Inactive” status by editing the user account.  Select the “Users” icon from the menu bar and select the user account.  Next, set the radio button for “Is Active” to “No” and click “Save”.

You can retrieve any email from the system by performing a search within MessageWatcher.  Select the “Search” menu bar item, enter your criteria for finding messages, then select the “Search” button.  The messages will be displayed in your browser.  By selecting any of the items, you can print, reply, forward, or download to your desktop.   Note: downloaded messages are saved in EML format which is the “raw” or original format of the email as it was received from your server.  This EML format usually requires conversion before it can be displayed in an email client, such as Outlook.

By selecting the “Forgot Password?” link on the Login page, you will be prompted for your email address. If your email address is valid, a new random password will be sent to the email account that you specified.  Please note that accounts must be active in the system in order to access the account. If the administrator has disabled a login, the previous or new password for that account will not work.

Emails are saved in a standard RFC 822 EML format as they are received from the customer’s email server.  This includes all headers and attachments as they were in the original, raw email.  There are third party utilities available to convert EML files to Outlook.

Logon to your MessageWatcher archive portal as the account administrator.  Select the “Config” tab.  There, you can set your server ip/hostname, username and password.  You also have the ability to test your connection to verify that it is working.

The default limit is 250MB. If an email exceeds this limit, it will not be archived.

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