Message Watcher offers secure, scalable hosted solutions for:

Email, Instant Messaging and Social Media archiving
Email Monitoring & Surveillance
Hosted Exchange for Email
Spam & Virus Filtering
Email Encryption

By outsourcing this technology, your organization will recover valuable time and money.  We offer a highly available, easy-to-use, and reliable online archiving and surveillance tool. You can fulfill your messaging policy and procedure requirements without the worry about hardware, software licenses, maintenance, or IT support. Contact us to learn more.


Email is still the communication of choice between employees and many corporate customers. But instant messaging, tweets, and Facebook messages are gaining ground.  MessageWatcher allows you to archive all of these communications in one central, easily searchable, online archive.

Corporate IT managers and compliance officers are becoming aware of the huge risk of fines, penalties, and litigation related to email.

Archiving Highlights

  • Archive all email (inbound, outbound and internal)
  • Easy-to-use search capability to quickly and easily manage audits
  • E-discovery requests are made easy with search and export tools
  • Works with Exchange, GroupWise, Domino, POP3, Postfix and more

Exchange and Exchange-Lite Hosting Services

MessageWatcher provides hosted Microsoft Exchange and a Lite version of Microsoft Exchange at a very low price. You get the features associated with Exchange without the headaches associated with running the Exchange servers.  Plus, you get 24×7 support, mobile device synching, and shared folders.  Our implementation team gets you up and running quickly without taking up your IT staff’s valuable time. MessageWatcher can also provide web site development and web site hosting.

Exchange hosting from MessageWatcher provides distinct advantages over other hosting programs.  MessageWatcher’s management interface, for example, is embedded with security enhancements that keep our customers’ servers and networks safe. The format is easy to use and navigate.

Spam Filtering

Estimates put spam at 50% of all emails sent. Unwanted email is already costing your company in lost productivity, bandwidth usage, and computer processing power. The potential cost to a company is huge—not only in lost future productivity, but in potential lawsuits—as your network allows the growing number of offensive and harassing emails to reach your employees and contractors.


You may not require encryption on every email, but having the capability available when you need it is incredibly valuable. MessageWatcher provides the ability to send encrypted email without requiring your company to make a large investment in software, hardware and support. Increased rules and regulations in several industries make encryption a necessary part of corporate communication. HIPPAA requires medical patient privacy and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requires financial institutions to protect non-public personal information. Encryption allows your company to comply with these acts.

Content Monitoring

Corporate IT managers and compliance officers are becoming aware of the huge risk of fines, penalties, and litigation related to email, instant messaging, and social networking posts.  MessageWatcher helps reduce risk by calling attention to emails that have potentially inappropriate content in the text or attachments.

Monitoring highlights

  • Monitoring for words or phrases that you have defined as suspicious, such as profanity, competitors’ domains, customer lists, etc., in all communications
  • Automatic scanning using customer-defined key words or phrases
  • Random Sampling settings to meet your needs
  • Policies are setup so you can apply them to all, none, or a portion of your staff
  • We provide 20 pre-defined policies to help you mitigate risks from day one
  • Scan and view attachments Multiple permission levels – Admin, Group Admin, Group Reviewer, User
  • Audit trails provide comprehensive activity logs, Pre or post review Routing of flagged messages based on word category
  • Disclaimers automatically inserted based on content
  • “Sticky Note” capability
  • Surveillance of multiple languages
  • Definable exclusions based on content

Virus Protection

MessageWatcher eliminates the headaches caused by spam and viruses. Using the latest technology, MessageWatcher protects your employees from spam, including vulgar emails that put your company at risk of a lawsuit.

The number of viruses and frequency of attacks continues to grow. Our anti-virus solution keeps viruses out of your email systems, preventing crippling viruses from taking down your systems and causing lost productivity.  Our virus protection offers peace of mind and reduces network downtime.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

MessageWatcher offers email continuity services.  Your staff can access email via a web interface in the event of your in-house email server failing.  Also, by having additional copies of your email via the MessageWatcher archive, your organization has additional levels of backup for email. In addition, MessageWatcher can act as an email client, allowing you to send and receive emails during any outage occurring on your in-house email server.

About Us

MessageWatcher has brought together a team of experts from the investment, legal, medical, and technology industries to create products and services that provide risk mitigation tools for our customers. Our founding vision was to deliver a secure, stable and streamlined solution for messaging archiving and surveillance. We continue to evolve with ever-changing advancements in digital technology.

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